Sales Mastery for Coaches (beta program)


This offer is only available for a limited time. When the timer reaches zero this offer will be closed. (This is NOT Fake Scarcity)

Special Offer For Sales Mastery For Coaches Alumni

You've been invited to this page to take part in the Beta version of the updated Sales Mastery for Coaches 2.0 program.

I have made a number of updates to the program and I am including 6 months of group coaching with weekly calls.

As a special one-time only offer I am rolling the program out to past clients at a special price that will never be offered to the public.

In return for the special pricing the one thing I do ask for is your feedback.

I want Sales Mastery for Coaches 2.0 to be the best program on the market and your honest feedback will help me do just that.

What's Included

Sales Mastery for Coaches is designed specifically to help you master the art of enrolling high paying clients without being pushy, salesy, or slimy. So you can build the coaching practice of your dreams.

Sales Mastery for Coaches 2.0 ($4,995 Value)

    • How to develop the proper coach’s mindset for enrolling high paying clients without being pushy, salsy, or slimy
    • Eliminating Sales Rejection & Failure Forever
    • How to Capture a Prospect’s Attention from “Hello…”
    • Turning Gatekeepers into Advocates
    • How to use Voicemail to pique curiosity and get calls returned
    • Getting Your Prospect to Tell You How They Want to Be Sold
    • What is the Pain Funnel and How Do You Use It
    • Uncovering a Prospect’s real motivation (Hot Buttons)
    • Why Urgency Matters and How to Create It
    • Finding out Who's In Charge
    • The right way to work with non-decision makers
    • Can they afford you?
    • Why Every Feature is NOT a benefit
    • How to Hit the Prospect's Hot Buttons with the RIGHT Presentation
    • How to get them to Take Action NOW
    • How to discover the Real Objection so you can CLOSE the sale
    • 5 Steps to Follow-Up Success
    • How to get more Referrals without annoying your Client

BONUS #1: Time Management Skills TOP Pros use ($495 Value)

  • How to get More Done In Less Time
  • How to PLAN your day for the best results

BONUS #2: LinkedIn Lead Generation ($2,495 Value)

  • Secrets to using LinkedIn (Any Social Media) to Generate Leads for FREE
  • How To Optimize Your Profile To Attract Your Ideal Client
  • How To Follow Up With Social Media Leads So You Build The Relationship and Get the Client
  • How To Greatly Extend Your Reach

BONUS #3: Weekly Group Coaching Calls - 6 months ($3,000 Value)

  • Each week you'll be able to get your most pressing issues resolved

BONUS #4: Private Facebook Group ($997 Value)

  • Connect with likeminded coaches and consultants
  • Have daily access, (weekdays), to me and my team

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3-Pay Option

3 easy payments of $397



X 3


As with all my programs you are protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied at any time during your first 30 days simply send an email to:
support @ salesmasteryforcoaches.com and you will get a full refund. 

See what past students have to say about Sales Mastery for Coaches

“President at The Leithart Group LLC”


I must admit, if you are taking this class to learn some profound new script, some outlandish way to make people drool at your every word, this course is NOT for you. If you want to realize the interconnecting pieces that most sales gurus and leaders and trainers don't know or just leave out, so you have a seamless system of sales, THIS will give you what the sales gurus don't.

Much better than most because of the insight, the accountability and the handing of the training much like have your own sales manager working for YOUR business rather than the talking head. So it is much more like private coaching rather than a class.

The Deep Dive was my favorite part - Mike took the time to LISTEN to me and help me realize my dream and desire rather than shoving me in a cookie box with others in the industry which do not have the experience, training and insight I have cultivated over the past couple of decades.

The Deep Dive all by itself is worth the investment in the course as it will save years of frustration. Mike will help YOUR light shine and YOUR expertise show through rather than making you into a commodity

Ted Leithart (loveland)

“CEO, TWfics Strategic Marketing”


Sales Mastery is a great combination of excellent sales and marketing information and exactly how to implement it into your business to be successful!

The proven techniques and systems are top shelf. The training that shows you how to use the information is untouchable. Sales Mastery gives you the nuts and bolts of growing a profitable business without wasting any of your time as has been the case with many other training programs I have been through.

My favorite part of Sales Mastery would be one of the last training sessions that shows you first hand how to put together a client presentation using all the tools you learn during the course sessions.

Don't over think it. Just get started. The skills you acquire to build your business will more than cover your investment!

Tim Wesley (Camarillo)

“Website - Funnel Design Expert”


The program was extremely well constructed and each session covered a separate sales topic in a logical order.

It was extremely useful to be able to understand the prospect's journey and this was explained in a way that no other training has got close to.

Uncovering the prospect's real problem and helping them to make the decision to buy was my favorite part. Also being able to find the real objection and then deal with it.

If you're thinking about investing in Sales Mastery for Coaches, NIKE says it best- Just Do It! You really will never regret it, the training was sensational.

Rob Duncan (Melbourne)
3-Pay Option

3 easy payments of $397



X 3


As with all my programs you are protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied at any time during your first 30 days simply send an email to:
support @ salesmasteryforcoaches.com and you will get a full refund.